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What Are Commentaries?

Commentaries are basically a set of very high level "back of an envelope notes" that cover some aspects of a company that seemed important to me when I was considering if the company is one that I would like to buy shares in.

They are not a thorough in depth analysis or even complete, they are a memory jogger for me when I see a price that looks attractive a few months later.

As there are a couple of thousand companies on the London Market you may have not even heard of the companies commented on. As you know we have no information about your circumstances, understanding of your investment goals or the level of risk that is acceptable to you.

So it must follow that it would be completely unreasonable to read these commentaries as recommendations to take an action or to refrain from taking an action.


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Tue 25 Feb 2020INTUINTU –Either A 10 For 1 Dilution Or A Double Your Money?
Wed 12 Feb 2020BURBurford – Now Undervalued Or Are Muddy Waters Right?