ItemCurrent PeriodPrevious Period
Adjusted Earnings£36m£36m
Adjusted EBITDA
Statutory Profit(£10m)£24m
Adjusted Profit
Total Debt
Net Debt£63m£16m

Commentary History
Commentary On Staffline Group
Title: Staffline – I Am Expecting A Big Rise.
Company: STAF - Staffline Group
Share Price Then: 0p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Mon 16 Sep 2019
Comments: There is a trading update for the six months ended 30 June 2019 scheduled for Tuesday, 17/Sep/2019 and I am expecting an acceptable
set of results as there was downbeat trading update in May.

Staffline shares generally have very low trading volumes and as described in previous commentaries the company has been through a very rough patch.

Adjusting for the share issue, the current price of 156p is roughly equivalent to 346p and the last time that the share price was around there was March 2013.

Year ending 2013 saw revenue of £416m and an operating profit of £13m.
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As companies often report numbers in slightly different ways there are a number of entries to cover this and as these are rough notes there will usually be empty items.

The debt columns are shown as positive values if there is any debt, all other negative values are shown within parenthesis and without a sign.

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