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Commentary On Eddie Stobart Logistics PLC

Title: Eddie Stobart Logistics – Good New As In No Bad News
Company: ESL - Eddie Stobart Logistics PLC
Share Price Then: 5.75p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Sun 10 May 2020
Comments: ESL released an RNS announcement on the Thursday just before a bank holiday Friday, looking at the share price this announcement seems to have been at 16:24.

This announced the date of the AGM and stating something that would have been known but possibly not considered.

ESL no longer does anything, since the refinance deal it exists to hold shares (49%) in the companies that do the actual trucking.
This means that it is ineligible for it AIM listing unless it becomes an investment business which would require raising at least £6m which is a bit less that a third of its market cap at 5.75p per share or actually become a trading company.

The trading company route seems unlikely and The Board is continuing to explore opportunities to raise additional funds to permit the Company to become an 'investing company' and remain quoted on AIM.

The problem is that it can’t become an investment company, just hold its existing shares and do nothing else, it would have to be a real investment business which would mean that it would need to raise significantly more than £6m.

If funds cannot be raised, it is likely that the Company's shares will be cancelled from trading on AIM, and that the Company will either continue as a private company or distribute its indirect interest in the
Eddie Stobart trading entities to shareholders.

All of this needed to be done by the 9 June 2020, The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted public fundraising activities and noting the Company's retained interest in GWSA, AIM has agreed with the Company an extension to this timeline to 9 December 2020.

On the 3 April 2020 Adrian Collins was appointed as chairman but if you look at you will see that he has been a director of a number of failed business. Whether this is a good sign, has experience with businesses in difficulty or a bad sign is up to you.

On one hand Stobbart has talked about exceptional volumes on the other there has been a lot of talk of haulage companies only partially utilising their capacity. Yes we are delivering a lot between 5am and 9am and are then idle for much of the rest of the day.

This news doesn’t alter the fact that the haulage business was a good buy for DBAY, it was cheap and it loaded the business up with a loan. So ESL shareholders could easily be wiped out whilst the business prospers.

To me it looks like a trading share with a lot of potential for losses or gains over the next few weeks but a terribly risky long term hold.
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