Should I Buy Shares In?

The shares shown below are of great interest to me as I don't expect their prices to remain stable.

This is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold.
Grade Meaning
  The Black Grade - Shares That I Think Could Collapse To Nothing.
  The Grey Grade - Shares That I Think Are Informative But Not For Me.
  The Pink Grade - A Pure Slightly Informed Gamble.
  The Orange Grade - Shares That I Think Show Promise With A Few Caveats.
  The Green Grade - Shares That I Think Are Oversold..
  The Slate Grade - Shares That Are Of No Great Interest To Me.

Ticker Company Date last Reviewed Price When Added
/Last Review
Positives Negatives
AMGO Amigo Loans 15 July 2020 7p/7p A combination of making risky loans and an unwillingness to tell complainants and regulators that the borrower and guarantor has the majority of the responsibility as they asked for and accepted the loan. New management getting much more aggressive with people complaining that they asked for and were given loans but they can't afford them.
AML Aston Martin 15 July 2020 51p/51p Too much debt and they have already done a share issue to fix that, very heavily reliant on sales of the DBX the new SUV, a worrying number of statements about how sponsoring the Stroll owned F1 team is great news. Exceptional sales of the DBX could allow repayment of debt.
BARC Barclays Bank 15 July 2020 120p/120p Its hard to know what will happen to bad debt in both the personal and business banking sector as COVID plays out. There is a strong reason to believe that the COVID induced drop down to 70p was an over reaction and a recovery to 150p-200p is realistic.
BUR Burford Capital 18 July 2020 540p/540p Accusations from Muddy Waters that it is mostly smoke and mirrors which seem more credible to me that the managements rebuttals. There is a real underlying business which is attractive if the share price drops to match it.
CWD Countrywide 15 July 2020 109p/109p Too much debt and they have already done a share issue to fix that, did a 50 for 1 share consolidation to bring the shares out the penny arena. Maybe Purple Bricks or another on line only business might see the business as a quick way to establish an office presence in many towns under another name.
e Health 18 July 2020 540p/540p Accusations from Muddy Waters that it is mostly smoke and mirrors which seem more credible to me that the managements rebuttals. Burford and eHealth are very similar cases although in different industries. I am interested because the warnings from MW are not being heeded, so have they misunderstood something or are they right, I am on the side of the MW analysis.
ESL Eddie Stobart Logistics 17 July 2020 7.98p/7.98p Too much debt a lot of which is owed to a major shareholder as the result of a bailout, COVID has hit logistics hard as they often need staff for only part of the working day. The name, the capacity and the reputation.
FCH Funding Circle 15 July 2020 68p/68p Well established business that seems to be prioritising growth over profitability, they seem to have more money to lend than customers who can borrow and pay it back. As a government backed COVID loans provider these might be a good loan book, but these loans have no repayments due for the first 12 months.
GMS Gulf Marine Services 19 July 2020 11p/11p Is the oil exploration business dying off forcing the prices charged by drilling equipment hirers down to far? A modern fleet and equipment.
HYVE HYVE Group 15 July 2020 86p/86p Is the day of the large trade show over? By being forced to cancel events the exhibitors may have found better ways of achieving the same thing.I suspect that vanity shows like motor shows with concept cars are finished but more basic events where the cost to operate a stand are more reasonable are not over.
KCT Kin & Carta 23 July 2020 51p/51p Just another mid sized consultancy.  
LOOK Lookers 15 July 2020 21p/21p Shares suspended and accounts delayed beacuse of a relativelly small fraud.A big player in the new car market and if all the funnies have been found they don't appear to be terminal for the business.
MCRO Micro Focus 17 July 2020 291p/291p Too much debt and no obvious escape from declining revenues from expensive acquisitions. The concept of the business is solid, keep old reliable systems going.
MCB McBride 19 July 2020 61p/61p They don't do anything that somewhere like China might decide to do cheaper.They actually make the cleaning products that many people and industries use. It isn't exciting but it is necessary and I suspect oversold.
MTRO Metro Bank 15 July 2020 112p/112p The impetus of being a new bank with a new image has gone and it is still not clear that the bank can be meaningfully profitable. A valuable customer base for an existing bank.
PDG Pendragon 17 July 2020 9p/9p Like Lookers they have suffered from some unsuccessful dealerships and also overstocking of used vehicles. If you avoid the low margin fleet business you susceptible to customer indecision ICE, ICE/Electric Hybrid or Electric. One maker may come out with a market dominant product as Tesla are still struggling to make the affordable electric car. One of the major players in new car dealerships and demand may be backing up,
PDL Petra Diamonds 18 July 2020 1.62p/1.62p Existed for far too long for the amount of debt that they have. Unless there is a lucky layer of expensive stones I can't see a way out.
PURP Purple Bricks 17 July 2020 58p/58p Is a fee regardless of sale model going work if the housing market collapses under COVID induced job losses. The novelty of the brand has worn off and they seem to need continual TV advertising to attract new business. A relatively low cost operation with no high street branches and agents on commission only.
SDRY SuperDry 15 July 2020 114p/114p The company is nearly all about the brand, young and trendy and older people started buying it a while back. Big disagreement between the founder, the board and institutional investors in 2019. Relatively little debt and the founder retook control about a year ago plus selling overseas as a luxury foreign brand, think Brompton bikes.
STAF Staffline 15 July 2020 30p/30p Too much debt and they have already done a share issue to fix that along with a recent history of issues with financial management. An attractive takeover target at a low enough price.
STOB Stobart 27 July 2020 26p/26p High debt, recent share issue and COVID affecting the now core aviation division. A bit of a disaster recently but a very solid possibilty of success as focusing on its own airports and related services more generally. Rail division recently sold/given away.
TED Ted Baker 15 July 2020 64p/64p The brand is simply past its sell by date and the cost of the retail stores is too high They did a share issue at 75p without a problem have relatively little debt and has some bad press a while back which most people may have forgotten.
XLM XL Media 15 July 2020 24p/24p Google manually deranked a lot of their sites apparently because of a quality issue in Jan 2020 and no fix has been announced, suggesting that there is a real risk that there may never be a fix. They can fix the Google ranking issue.

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