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Make A Donation

I know that this is a very "un-internetty" thing to do but I am going to open the door to donations if you found the site useful.

I am not a professional journalist bashing out articles to fill a company website or someone creating content so that I can sell advertising.

The information on this site comes from me spending my own time and money researching the market and buying and selling shares.

The suggested donation levels follow, but please feel free to make your own amount.

  • £2.99 - I read the site it was vaguely interesting and there were some new ideas.

  • £9.99 - I read the site and I will take serious note of what it says.

  • £19.99+ - I read the site and it has made a significant positive contribution to how I buy and sell shares.

Using PayM

Currently we accept donations via Pay M.

This is sometimes called Pay A Contact, Pay A Friend or other similar names and allows a small payment to be sent via a mobile phone banking app.

The number to send to is 07429 340861.

Using Paypal

If you want to make a donation via Paypal please select an option in Usefulness drop down box and press the buy now button.

The Paypal screen will ask you for the donation amount as Price Per Item.