If You're So Clever...?
I created this site because I make mistakes and get things wrong.

This all looks fine, but if it really works why are you updating this site instead of sipping cocktails on your yacht?

Remember that I am not suggesting quick and easy riches and I am part of the way into a long term plan.

As things seem to be on schedule it seems that the ideas have merit and are worth discussing.

My Reasons For Creating This Site
The original reason for this site was as a way to write down what I was thinking, doing and aiming to do, that way I can clearly confirm if what I actually did met my rules and if it was successful.

This was important to me as I initially started dabbling with shares in about 2006, taking the contrarian model, I split my funds over 10 companies, all of which closed.

What was disappointing and maybe why the contrarian model survives is that a couple of companies that I looked at did go on and succeed and it is also possible that I was too contrarian.

After this I put a much larger sum into mostly traditionally recommended companies and got caught by both the 2007/2008 crash and a need for the capital.

So this is version 3 of my investment strategy.

Out of curiosity I did try a gamble with a proportionally small amount. This has had the benefit of being interesting and confirming much of what I learnt from my first dabble in high risk.


Buy A Ghost
Picture of a cat with yellow star Buy A Ghost is a light hearted source of one page ghost stories aimed at pubs and restaurants as talking points.

Print them off and put them on the tables or walls and you have an instant talking point.
Car Insurance Premiums Explained
Picture of a car Car Insurance Premiums Explained Ever wondered why your car insurance premium is what it is.

Enter your details and a range of simulated quoters will calculate the premium and show the calculation in detail?
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