Nothing Worth Buying Today
Athletes and recreational sports people often hate taking rest days to recover from training and the same mentality can apply to leaving money as cash when there isn't a share that you want to buy.

It just seems wrong.

Sometimes you will sell a pot and struggle to find anything to do with the money, all of the shares that you watch are outside of the zone that you would buy them at.

What now? It feels wrong to just leave the pot as cash in your dealing account, but sometimes it is the right thing to do.

Buying the wrong share and losing money is worse than not doing anything and not making a profit for a few days.

Just Go And Sit By The River
At the risk of stating the obvious, if there is nothing to buy, then there is nothing to buy.

The fact that you want to trade doesn't mean that there are any shares that are worth trading.

Just go and sit by the river, I have been caught out in the past by thinking, "just stick it in bank shares, they are fairly stable" just in time to see them drop by 33%.

This may be a good time to consider that pot and should I;
  • Transfer some of the profits to a safe haven such as a building society account or an ISA.

  • Transfer the pot to any alternative investments that you may have, such as property or classic cars.

I used to have what I thought were safe shares, ones that would not drop even if they didn't rise and I used these when I couldn't work out what to do. Even the safest of the safe aren't really that safe in the short term so I no longer do this.

The other option I used to try was to buy more of what I already had in other pots. The trouble with this is that the other pots may already be close to the sell point or they may be not great buys and adding more of that share just ties more money up.


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