My Tools - Summary List

Image of tickers, prices and changes

This is my start-up screen and it tells me a number of things and is of course sortable by any of the columns, in this case biggest change since yesterday.

The companies are split into four groups, Under Priced (teal), Buy Range (green), Fully Priced (orange), Over Priced (salmon).

This is defined by Max Price column which is the highest prices the share has been within the last couple of years with manual adjustments because of ......

The Ratio column is the current price to Max Price

The Change columns are the percentage changes over the last 6 days.

At first glance there is a lot of information on this screen but as your knowledge of companies grows you can look at this and know that some entries are less interesting than others.

At the top of the list is Sirius Minerals SXX which has a 17% drop and is in the under priced group, but I know that they have just been through a share issue so I don't need to spend any time working out why the numbers are as they are.