Share Trading - Tools

I am going to state the obvious, if you want to trade shares then you need to decide which ones.

However this is not as simple as you might imagine, there are roughly 650 shares in the main FTSE index and around 1,000 AIM shares.

That's not as bad as it sounds as you may wish to ignore most AIM shares as they are usually regarded as high risk and suitable only for very experienced traders.

Most share dealing platform have a number of tools to help you decide what to buy but these tend to be fairly generic tools such as big risers and fallers over the last day, week etc, which sectors such as aerospace are doing well.

I found that the free tools available to me were inadequate for my needs, this is hardly surprising they were free after all.

Share Trading - I Have My Own Tools

At first glance it is surprising that the share dealing platforms don't seem to compete on the basis of analysis tools, but I suspect that this is an area where the platforms all buy in the facilities so don't have the ability to make changes.

I am sufficiently serious that after having found that the free tools were inadequate I went on to create my own bespoke application for viewing share prices.

I describe this tool not to show how smart I am but to show how serious I am.

If you read a bit of the site and think "The guy who wrote this is an idiot" look at these pages and consider; he may be wrong but is he truly an idiot?

I have a programming background so I went with a C#/SQL Server solution, many other people use Excel as there are a lot of freebies. Once you reach a certain level of sophistication it becomes very hard/not sensible to continue to use a spreadsheet.

I certainly wouldn't consider it odd or a bad idea to start off with Excel solution and end up with an MS Access based solution.